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What a proud and what a sad day? A testimony that we are after all nothing more than human beings, being human in a time of challenge and crisis.

Scenes of quiet streets and people in their houses adhering to the “war strategy” of the government, alternating with scenes of people driving around in their cars and having a party challenging the enemy as if they are immune.

Hearing testimonies of people understanding the gravity of this “war against an enemy invincible to the human eye“, fighting by washing their hands, keeping social distance and disinfecting their environment.

Hearing testimonies of people complaining about this “new corona virus fake news hoax”, and why the “immune to the virus” young people must suffer while it is only a “grey sickness”! 

Hearing of people that has survived the sickness and with sadness of our first family who has lost a loved one.

A proud day to see how hard our government is trying to get systems in place that will protect and fight the decease even when they know that their measures will, with most countries as our allies”,  destroy the world as well as our failing economy. Trying to unite the people of RSA in fighting this war with measures that will change our world. Most likely, in the process, create the opportunities for unintended outcomes that will make our world look different from what it was yesterday. Challenging us to suffer, change and learn to live simultaneously with loss, grieve, opportunity and hope.

Sad to see how people had to scramble to get food for the lockdown, standing in distressing long queues, with the small and the elderly. This hopefully with the realisation of the danger of what they are doing to be so socially close to each other and yet having no other choice because they only received a pay-check the day before. Sad because others could just not care.  For them another holiday, challenging the security service and endangering their lives with this irresponsible behaviour. Sad to see people in holiday towns going about their business of enjoying a time together, complaining about their constitutional rights to be on the beached that are endangered.

What a challenge? We are human.
We are different. We understand differently and we make sense differently. This is a time that makes it visibly clear that our values, our personalities, as our collective identities differ so much from each other that it is somehow a miracle we somehow still live together, creating a context for living. We are fragile living in a world in which a minute “something” can destroy us. A world that is much more complex and dangerous as we would like to belief.

A famous theologian Jürgen Moltmann  once told a story of two planets who have met each other in the Galaxy. “You look so sad and sick” said the one planet to the other. “Yes” came the answer, “I suffer from a severe sickness!” “What sickness?” asked the other planet. “I suffer from homo sapiens!” came the answer. “Ahh…” said the other planet, “don’t worry, I also suffered thát sickness, but I was eventually healed form it”

Cynical? Yes, but what if this is what is happening at the moment The revenge of the planet“.