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Retreat & Coaching

Have you ever wanted to just step back and get away from it all? Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city around you to relax on a remote beach, or explore the woods? You’re definitely not alone in that.

Healthy living has become a trend in the last decade, and more travellers are now putting emphasis on their spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Whether you are a stressed-up white-collar workaholic or a long-term spiritual traveler, our holistic retreats provide an uplifting experience and a rejuvenating break. A retreat can help re-connect with your inner self and develop a better divine awareness of the world around you. To find the deeper meaning of life and uplift your inner spirit, indulge yourself in some of the retreats today.

A retreat can either be a time of solitude or a community experience. Some retreats are held in silence, and on others, there may be a great deal of conversation, depending on the understanding and accepted practices of the host facility and/or the participant(s). (Wikipedia)


Who are we?

Our Philosophy:

It is our aim to make your stay with us a special and rememberable time. This is why we create an open, inclusive and homely environment. Although not a requirement, we encourage participation in the rhythm of the house – time for meditation, walking or jogging in the park, “me-time”, activities that help to create mindfulness, cooking together and enjoying a meal. We aim to be future orientated in our mindset – always asking questions of what kind of a world do we want to live in, how do we want to be and how do we want our relationship to look like. We explore ways to create meaning and ways in which we can achieve these ideas that we have. Loving to help each other to integrate these views into a way of sustainable living.

Niekie & Cori

Niekie has a Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Care (UP), a B. Phil in Value and Policy studies (US) and is ‘n registered Results Coach (Neuro Leadership Group). Niekie who has more than 30 years of experience in spiritual development (Christianity) as well as business consultation and coaching, is an open-minded person with ‘n passion for life and the possibilities of the future. His passion apart from helping people to live a life in fullness is cooking.

Cori has vast experience in the hospitality industry. She has successfully opened and ran a successive award winning (World leading Apartment Hotel: World Travel Awards) Apartment Hotel in Santon. She was also the owner of Food4Four a food box delivery company, designing tailor made food experiences for people on the run. She is an experienced cook and host running a Social Kitchen.


Who will benefit?

Any one who needs a break – From individuals, CEO’s, Managers, entrepreneurs to small families that need some “we” time. Any one who needs to finding balance, de-stress and who wants to live mindful.

How long is the retreat?
Depending on your needs the average retreat is 3-4 days. You arrive round about noon and leave the morning of the 4th or 5th day so that you have at least 3 or 4 full days (etc. arrive Monday at 17:00 and leave Friday at 09:00).

What would I need?
We recommend your own transport. A mindful attitude. A book or a journal or both. Easy clothes for warmer and/or colder days. Walking shoes, hat and sunscreen.

What do we provide?
A comfortable en-suite room with a patio and beautiful views. Breakfast, light dinner and lunch. I you would like us to assist you in an activity program that you can follow on your own we would love to do so. If you want to walk in the forest we will provide a guide for you.

Kind of retreats

Individual or personal Retreat: This kind of retreat can be done on your own without interacting with anyone. There are two types of personal retreat – private and directed. The time span can be fixed by the individual and, if required a coach can be called for the administration.

You have your own en-suite room, and a patio to sit and become part of a beautiful indigenous garden, with a view over the lovely Knysna lagoon. Within a few meters you can walk in the Belvidere park stretching from one side of the Belvidere estate to the other end of Old Belvidere.

Private retreat

In this retreat you are on your own with enough time for solitude.

If it is a beautiful day, you can take a book, sit and read in the tranquility of the park, or with low tide drive to “Brenton on Sea” for a walk on the famous Brenton-Buffalo Bay beach. You can drive to the Knysna forest (with a guide) and experience the beauty and solitude of a walk in the deep forest or you can visit the old Belvidere Church and just relax in the beautiful gardens, taking a self guided prayer walk among the different “stations”.

Even breakfast, light dinner and lunch can be taken in solitude so that the rhythm of “me time” is not broken.

Personal directed retreat

In this retreat you are on your own, with enough time for solitude, reflection, and reframing under the guidance of a professional coach. There is much more structure and direction.

At the beginning of the retreat, with the help of a coach, a “path to a future” is determined. In the rhythm of everyday two hourly sessions with the coach is included to assist in your walk on this path. These sessions are build around mindfulness, awareness, exploration and integration.

Mindful activities for you during this time is decided upon by you and your coach. This can include a walk in the park along the lagoon, on the beach, in the forest, or a visit to old places of worship.

Breakfast, light dinner and lunch can, if wished, be taken in solitude so that the rhythm of “me time” is not broken.

Small Group Retreat

Small group retreats involve different people between four to ten, retreating together and two people sharing a room.

Wellness Retreat

People nowadays are extremely health conscious, so they indulge themselves into health and wellness retreats. Awareness and mindfulness are at the very core of managing your day-to-day stresses. This refreshing and refocusing retreat helps connect with other like-minded individuals which encourages them towards healthy and happy living.

It’s more about getting in touch with your true self and learning the much-needed techniques to manage this understanding and parlay it into your:

  • Relationship with your partner
  • Job and career
  • Parenting approach
  • Day-to-day stresses.

Spiritual retreat

This is a spiritual experience that offers every individual a chance to realize, learn and incorporate the practice of awareness, mindfulness, exploration, integration and meditation in their lives. Spiritual retreats facilitate the chance to be away from the stress of daily life and get closer to the inner peaceful soul. This session refreshes, rejuvenate and revitalises your body and mind.

This retreat is a guided retreat that involves the guidance of a retreat director. The retreat is practiced generally to deal with an integrated awareness of Christ in our lives. The spirituality practiced in this spiritual retreat by the retreat director, is Christian spirituality.



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