Cooking classes

Our cooking classes are like social gatherings in the kitchen where we all prepare simple, delicious food.

Our kitchen is the place to get your hands dirty therefore, the majority of our courses are hands on.  We only take small groups of people to ensure that you are able to get as involved as much as you like.  

Cooking classes are a great way for employees, employers and clients to get out of the workspace, create unity and interact with loads of fun and laughter.  
Forget about the daily routine, while working together, not only to produce a meal, but to learn a special skill.  We know it is important to spend time with your team, so we design our courses to show you how to produce fantastic results in the kitchen without spending too much time slaving away.  It’s the perfect balance for your team building function.

Our clients:  Aurecon / EOH / Moolman Group / South African Reserve Bank / The Ashton CA (SA) Group / Aerosud / Thomas International / SERR Synergy

Team building


Our deli offers artisan cakes, pastries, breads, prepared meals and picnic baskets, using quality, local sourced and considered ingredients.

We believe that quality ingredients are essential for great food, therefore, we source the best, in-season ingredients to prepare our food.  

We want to provide a space where ideas are exchaned and relationships are forged.  

Many of us no longer have the experience of having meals together with our families or friends.  We want to give everybody the opportunity to experience what it feels like to eat together; to think about ways for us all to be a community and share food, so that we’re getting fed on multiple levels.  

To find out when the next Social Sunday will take place, please clidk here to view our events calender or drop us a mail at: 

Social Sundays

Special events

Simplicity, style and a focus on abundance are core to our events – we want our customers to feel like guests in our own home.  

We understand that delicious and beautiful food is essential to the success of any event, therefore, we create food experiences to match the tone and ambience of your special event, whether it is to celebrate a birthday party, a baby shower, a christening or a business lunch.  

People love our food

See what they say

Dear Niekie, Cori, Chris and Bruna,

Thank you all so much for a very special afternoon with great people and even greater food!! Wow!! What a wonderful concept too. Hard work 4u but keep it up. C you on 5th March.

Engela J van Rensburg

So much family fun at the Greek social kitchen. I love pop-up restaurants in people’s homes. Yummy meze, ouzo and organic wines! Sooo much food – youvetsi, moussaka, spanakopita and the list goes on. Thank you for a lovely weekend.

Brendon Venter

My favourite diner by far. The frankfurter bacon salami fatback. Andouille frankfurter t-bone prosciutto chuck leberkas, landjaeger drumstick pastrami kevin ground round. 

Spare ribs ribeye biltong porchetta chicken landjaeger drumstick. Pig beef pastrami venison kielbasa tongue. Ham landjaeger shank andouille turkey.

John Doe

A wonderful evening of superb cuisine cooked by Bruna and Cori with their awesome support team! This was a 6 star dinner in beautiful surroundings and may I say with my favourite date! That pavlova was a sublime ending to a fantastic night. I can’t recommend them enough so watch out for their next event!

Terry Bruaer



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Belvidere, Knysna



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